Thursday, August 04, 2005

Spin me up

I wonder how many kids play with tops these days. A "buguri", as it is called in Kannada, used to be a major source of entertainment to me and my friends. We used to form teams among ourselves, and have one-on-one contests and the like. Used to be great fun. And it was not all easy, 'coz a lot of technique and skill was involved in having your top as the last one spinning, and being able to lift the buguri from the ground to your hand without disturbing it's motion implied you had finally mastered the art of buguri.
Today, it's more about Pokemon and other violent games played in a virtual world, with no people interaction what so ever. What are we allowing our kids to become? I honestly beleive that the simple pleasure of scoring a goal (in real football played in the rain, not a video game, mind you), or spinning a top does a lot more good that climbing one more level in a stupid video game.
Get your kids out.... Give them something more to remember than a dark room with a bright computer monitor.


Akshay said...

Neat !! Yes i guess the kids of today dont really know how to enjoy life the way we did...

some words associated with the buguri

lo gunna hodi , make an impact on the victim buguri

appittu --- Act of picking it up b4 own buguri takes the beating :D

Vinayak said...


I myself have forgotten most of the terms...thanks for reminding me :)