Friday, December 29, 2006

Deadlier than the Black Mamba

Remember Chuck Norris? That guy from the Delta Force movie? Walker, Texas Ranger?


What if I tell you that you have missed out on knowing about the greatest man that has ever set foot on earth? Here is a website that gives you a lot of info about Chuck, and mind you, if you laugh at them, you would be doing so at your own peril! has become an internet phenomenon, what with the satirical statements being delivered in a serious tone. In fact, Chuck himself is quite pleased and flattered by this site, and has also listed his favorite facts on the site.

My favorite? It has to be ( 2 of them, actually)

There is no such thing as global warming. Chuck Norris was cold, so he turned the sun up.
There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.

Check it out...Now!!

B to the A to the B to the A

The Baba we all love and trust so much (mainly because he appears on every channel early mornings doing his yoga thingy) , Baba Ramdev aka Swami Ramdev has called fizzy soft drinks "Toilet Cleaners". Of course, all of you who've got those forwards about how to use the colas as household cleaning items would not be very surprised, but however, the newspapers and the TV guys seem to be getting all excited. Probably they anticipate another Ramadoss-Ramdev kind fight. But this time, Ramdev expresses (more succintly, of course) the same view as Ramadoss. So I guess it will be Shah Rukh or Sachin or any one of those Cola promoters who's gonna take on Ramdev now. That should be more interesting than plain old Anbumani. Or maybe even Mrs.Karat.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The year celebrities went nuts

Remember Cosmo Kramer? That lovable wierdo from Seinfeld whom we all, well, loved. As it turns out, there isn't a great deal of love flowing the other way round. Michael Richards, the guy who plays Kramer, let loose a racist rant when he was booed on stage during his stand up comedy act. In what can only be described as Kramerian act of foolishness, he cut loose on a few members of the audience, using the N word like a gazillion times before almost the entire audience walked out on him. Watch the video here.

In another incident, Mel Gibson, when stopped for drunk driving, let loose a racist tirade against the Jews, and apparently said that they are the reason for all the wars in the world. A million apologies and an alcohol rehab program later, he now has a number one movie, Apocalypto, under his belt. Of course, the Richards rant, which happened after this incident, took most of the heat off him.

Fresh after separating from loser husband Kevin Federline, Britney Spears hit the party circuit hard, together with socialite Paris Hilton and actress Lindsay Lohan. The hitch? She forgot (i suspect it was intentional) to put on any underwear beneath her short skirt. Not once, but almost everyday, thereby giving the world a glimpse of what they would get to see on a purported sex tape. Guess GWB can learn a thing or two about pre-emptive action from Britney.

I shall now take your leave, but will start digging for dirt on the celebrities closer to home. I am sure there would be something from a guy with a bare chest fetish and the others of his ilk. Till then, keep your eyes open.

....And beware.

Bye Bye Fatty

Shane Warne has announced his retirement from international cricket after the current Ashes series. The Aussie leg spinner is calling it quits after a long and successful tenure in the national team.

Shane Warne will be remembered for a lot of things, mainly the "Ball of the last century" (or so it was claimed by a semi-senile Aussie Commentator). Also as the guy who rejected claims of him having slept with a 1000 women. Also as the guy who slept around with any woman in his vicinity even when he was married, which makes the forementioned denial all the more perplexing! Also as the first cricketer to be suspended for doping, and then blaming his mum for everything. Also as the guy who got a bunch of money to quit smoking, but didn't.

All his off-the-field antics apart, he will remain an all time cricketing great and one of the major contributors to the revival of the art of leg spin. Take a bow, Mr Warne.

The year in review...Almost

Here I am, after a long, unforced break from blogging. It's not like there hasn't been stuff happening that prevents me from blogging, but when blog-laziness creeps in (coupled with a tight workload) , well.... you get the picture.

2006 will remain a watershed year for me for many reasons. But I guess it'll serve my purpose better if I write about it in different posts. At least then I'll have lots to write about...

The keyboard, till then, remains mightier than the sword...