Friday, December 29, 2006

B to the A to the B to the A

The Baba we all love and trust so much (mainly because he appears on every channel early mornings doing his yoga thingy) , Baba Ramdev aka Swami Ramdev has called fizzy soft drinks "Toilet Cleaners". Of course, all of you who've got those forwards about how to use the colas as household cleaning items would not be very surprised, but however, the newspapers and the TV guys seem to be getting all excited. Probably they anticipate another Ramadoss-Ramdev kind fight. But this time, Ramdev expresses (more succintly, of course) the same view as Ramadoss. So I guess it will be Shah Rukh or Sachin or any one of those Cola promoters who's gonna take on Ramdev now. That should be more interesting than plain old Anbumani. Or maybe even Mrs.Karat.


Narendra said...

Recently baba has clamied that he can cure AIDS--which was later challenged by Union minister for health Mr.Ramdoss.

I keep wondering why baba is always trying to be in media for some or the other reason.. Psst, are there any plans of entering politics??

Vinayak said...

@ Narendra

Hey! Never thought of that possibility.

But on a lighter note, i guess he'll start giving fundae about cow urine therapy etc soon, now that he's classified soft drinks as toilet cleaners :))