Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bye Bye Fatty

Shane Warne has announced his retirement from international cricket after the current Ashes series. The Aussie leg spinner is calling it quits after a long and successful tenure in the national team.

Shane Warne will be remembered for a lot of things, mainly the "Ball of the last century" (or so it was claimed by a semi-senile Aussie Commentator). Also as the guy who rejected claims of him having slept with a 1000 women. Also as the guy who slept around with any woman in his vicinity even when he was married, which makes the forementioned denial all the more perplexing! Also as the first cricketer to be suspended for doping, and then blaming his mum for everything. Also as the guy who got a bunch of money to quit smoking, but didn't.

All his off-the-field antics apart, he will remain an all time cricketing great and one of the major contributors to the revival of the art of leg spin. Take a bow, Mr Warne.

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