Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The first one in ages!!

The ol' blog, after several months of neglect, is the object of my affection again.

Call it therapy, but it seems to be the best way to beat the boredom I feel here in Deutscheland. Well, things look better anyways, with the return ticket home all booked. India beckons!!

And now, I get back to what I do best. Pass unwarranted comments on Misc.

Even after the shock World Cup exit, I have always had faith inthe Men in Blue. There is no point in blaming them for trying to milk the cash cow. Any sportstar in their situation would do that. Also, if we lose faith in our national team, then which other team can we support?? Where's the sense of patriotism in rooting for the Aussies?? And don't give me "For love of the game" crap!

Anyways, their complete domination of the Bangladesh tour has made me very happy. Firstly, because the selectors did not do the stupid thing that was expected out of them, which was to sack Dravid. Secondly, the emergence of Dinesh Kaarthick and Dhoni as reliable bats. Looks like the future of Indian cricket is in good hands.

Moving on.....the movie front has been pretty dull lately. No new DVD buys, no theater visits for most part. 300 was the last, and I quite enjoyed it. I'm sure Frank Miller is proud of it too. The reason for the lull in movie watching is because I have taken to watching several Television shows on DVD. At first, I finished watching the entire set of The Wonder Years, after which I saw, and continue to watch, Lost, Prison Break and Heroes, all of the great shows in their own right. Watch 'em. They're higly recommended.

More will come. Promise. The holy cow has mooed.

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neat. let's get back to blogging!