Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Of Titles and Heros

There will be loads of people who dismiss Kannada movies as inane bullshit, fit only for the juvenile who lack any taste whatsoever. I am inclined to agree most of the times, except for a Hasina here and there. But wait, do you know what is more interesting than the movie itself, for an observer? It is the titles that are bestowed upon the movie heroes by their fans or the Kannada Film Press (yup, they do exist). Of course, sometimes these heroes give themselves these titles, but most of them make for an interesting read. Listed below are few of the titles which i can recollect....

We start off with the one and only Dr. Rajkumar, or shoyuld i say Annavru, Natasarvabhouma, Karnatakada Ratna Dr rajkumar (phew, had me gasping for breath there). Carrying on forward:

"Rebel Star" Ambarish
"Sahasa Simha" Vishnuvardhan
"Navarasa Nayaka" Jaggesh (sic)
"Hatrick Hero" Shivarajkumar
"Power Star" Puneeth
"Real Star" Upendra
"Crazy Star" Ravichandran
"Challenging Star" darshan
"Kichchca" Sudeep
"Thriller" Manju
"Rural Star" BC Patil (This guy was actually a cop, before he plunged into cinema)

There are quite a few more of these guys but i cannot recollect the names. Among all these men, there is one heroine who also has been bestowed with a title. Rakshita, the herione who currently rules the roost in Kannada filmdom, is called "Crazy Queen". Make way, i gotta puke!!!


Akshay said...

whoa!!! I didnt know half the things u have put up

Vijay Krishna said...

ROTFL may be cliched, yet you gotta pay my medical bills.

Vijay Krishna said...
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Anonymous said...

You seem to have an arrogant attitude on Kannada movies. Some of the movies/directors in Kannada are world class - girish kasaravalli, karnad, karanth, puttanna etc. Just like any other filmfield, there are mediocre, good, and excellent movies and actors in kannada. Anyway, do you know how rich is Kannada literature and how many more great movies can be made in Kananda? Are you aware of the potential? it appears that you take pride in criticizing.

Anonymous said...

I want to agree with all things you have mentioned except for Rakshita. Though title might not justify her, she is one actress, who is lively, can act, can shake a leg (though on the little fatter side) and is most beautiful looking.