Friday, September 09, 2005

Page 3

I was reading the Times of India the other day (which i now strictly classify as tabloid trash, and not a newspaper), and my eye fell on the glitzy Page 3. With all it's skimpily dressed women and macho, well dressed men, it sure did paint a pretty picture. But the very fact that a major newspaper (sorry, a lot of 'em do consider TOI that) can carry a whole segment on that, that too daily, disturbs me. Is this what we have stooped to, to see what models and dopers do every night? Frankly, it does not concern me, or for that matter a sizeable chunk of our cuntry, what fashion designers think is cool or what models are purring about bedroom behavior. It's just a sham they are putting on, trying to live up to the "grade" that is set by people who consider themselves mortals less ordinary. It is my upbringing to try and look for some good in every place, even though it's hard to find. But Page 3 leaves me stumped. I hope one among this superior breed does something to make me find some good. And yes, Dear Mr. Bidapa, i don't buy your "Someone-placed-the-dope-in-my-bag-i know-nothing-about-it" story.


Akshay said...

TOI for a very long time has been that way I guess. I used to wonder how we kids were introduced to in right from school thru the NIE program. Either Deccan Herald / Indian Express was what came home and sometimes The Hindu was the news treasure bank. Anyways hopefully the stupidity of emulating wrong things more wrongly should die down. I just read of a news article in Deccan Herald and made not of it.

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