Monday, September 25, 2006

Cinema Hall Memories - 1

Drive-In: Bangalore's only Drive In theater, which was aptly called, what else, Drive In. It was a massive place, almost as big as (in area)Chinnaswamy Stadium. The screen was huge, maybe 3 to 4 times the screen we have in Multiplexes today. And they unfailingly played hits that were more than a year or two old. When I went, i think, in 1989, they were playing Naam. The theater was deserted, except for a few stray cars parked next to the loudspeaker. (You had parking docks, with each parking dock having it's own speaker). Though the movie itself was pretty shitty (we walked out, nay, rode out :) of the theater after 20 minutes or so) the experience was amazing for a kid like me, back then. Imagine sitting in a stadium like arena (We went in on a scooter, and had to take our seats in an area which was no different from the steps we have for spectators in stadiums) to watch a movie. Far out!

Named after one of the most brilliant film personalities of the Kannada Film Industry, it was where I saw my first movie (in a hall i.e.). I watched Prema Loka and was just thrilled by the experience of watching all the action unfold on the big screen. Though it was one of the premier theaters of bangalore earlier, saldy, today it remains in a state of un-use and neglect from quite some time.


Harsha said...

Hey was the drive in theatre where I work now?

And Puttana theatre is the one at 4th block right?

Never been to drive in.... that would have been cool :)

dharmu said...

hey, my first movie in the theater was premaloka....

i still remeber that D day

Vinayak said...

yes...thats where drive in used to be :)

@ Dahrmu
finally...we have something in common :p

Anonymous said...

puttanna used to be called poonam talkies when we were kids. they renamed it after puttanna kanagal died. it was so hilarious when they were using it as a police station!when i went for my passport verification, i had to enter this room by the side of the movie hall. i almost expected to see some projectors stowed away :)

Vinayak said...


yep...poonam, now i remember...thanks, was racking my brains inside out about that

and the day they made it a police station, well, lets say my heart broke