Wednesday, October 04, 2006

One Bundh, Two Movie Reviews and some Cricket

First things first...
Finally, I blog from home!!

A near total bundh in Bangalore ensures that almost all IT companies call off work and declare one Saturday as a working day. Hence, I stay a home with absolutely nothing to do. In an act meant to cause serious boredom to all people of the city, the Cable operators decide to screen only Kannada channels throughout the day. Well, that's for the rest of the society. Me having a digital set top box means I get all the channels, irrespective of the fact whether Belgaum belongs to Karnataka or not.

I managed to finally watch Cinema Paradiso, a long time after i bought the DVD. I have to say it was a fantastic film, a tad longer than it should have been, but leaves you with moist eyes nevertheless. It's a moving story of a friendship that forms between little Salvatore (Toto) and Alfredo, the guy who operates the projector in the local cinema hall, Cinema Paradiso. Salvatore absolutley loves the movies, and Alfredo is kind enough to teach him everything he wants to learn. There begins a remarkable journey of the coming-to-age of Salvatore. I would recommend it to all of you as a must watch! This, by the way, was the winner of the best foriegn language film in the 1989 Oscars, and deservedly so.

Another movie that I saw was Coffee and Cigarettes. To be honest, when I first saw it, I was quite puzzled with the movie. So, I saw it again. And I thought it was absolutley frickin' hilarious! The movie consists of some 10 short stories (with no real purpose, really), all of them in no way connected with each other. And the characters in each movie, mostly two people, sit and discuss stuff over Coffe and Cigarettes. Some of the stories are downright hilarious (you should appeciate deadpan humor for that, the kind you would encounter in everyday life), a couple boring, and the last one, haunting. Recommended, only if you have a taste of not-over-the-top movies, subtle humor etc...

Cricket was played. 5 guys and an entire morning to waste equals fun with cricket. Thankfully, the skills with the ball remain, but some work needs to be done to regroup the skills with the bat. However, there was lot fun had, what with the constant bickering, futile "Gimme one more chance" requests and empty boasting.

The Holy Cow has mooed.

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