Monday, October 30, 2006

The World through my t(a)inted glasses

Here's an idea. I go at 3:45 am to Hotel Empire, ask for food, get denied and thereafter create a scene, break a few window panes and basically make a colossal ass of myself. Will anyone say "Boys will be boys, just let it be"????!!! Sheesh! It just makes my blood boil to see the law being implemented differently, just because this moron happens to be the son/grandson of the biggest land grabbers of the state! It just gets richer, when our CM makes reference to a deep rooted political conspiracy to oust him and his family from power. At least he did not complain about the videshi haath!

In related news, te enfant terrible gave his first interview ater the infamous incident, and claimed that he was in fact preparing himself for his new career as powerful-and-rich-man's-son-who-thinks-he's-untouchable. He claimed that a talk with Manu Sharma and the under fire Santosh Kumar gave him the inpiration pull off the act in question. When asked if he regretted his actions, he counter questioned by asking "Do you think the chicken crossed the road?" and then proceeded to scratch his face. The reporters were reminded of the stark resemblance between the villian in every rape scene in Hindi movies and Gowda Jr, who also claimed that he was working on his technique for the same. Giving round reason for his choice of career, he said "Daddy has promised me full immunity from anything I do and lots of pocket money. After all, one has to spend tax money somewhere. " Last heard, all nightspots of Bangalore were enquiring with the firm that makes bulletproof glasses for VIP cars to see if they could procure some for their premises. Pepper spray sales were also soaring after this conference, with everyone expecting the little devil to be a bigger nuisance than was expected of him. The press conference was ended with the proud daddy saying "I screw the entire state figuratively, my son promises to do it literally...."

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