Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Somethings, you have to believe,
The others are puzzles, puzzling me
- Coldplay , Speed of Sound
At last count, there were a million or so Shanthi Sagar hotels in the whole of Bangalore. For those who do not know what i'm talking about, Shanti Sagar refers to those "self-service with service wing also" hotels that serve reasonably good food, at reasonably cheap rates. But somewhere in the last century most of them came out with a new avatar. They started calling themselves "New Shanti Sagar". And ten-twenty years down the line, they still remain new.

I'm puzzled. I really am.

Update: They even have a website! OK, this is the real deal i guess, but there are lot of fake Shanthi sagars then. After all, i guess the original dudes were not smart enough to copyright the name.


Harsha said...

Who gives a damn as long as there is good food to eat :D

Vinayak said...

Very true my friend :)