Friday, January 05, 2007


Molestations in Mumbai. Murders near Noida. Attacks on tourists. Quite a grim day to be reading a newspaper. So much so, that I desparately tried to look for some good news. And I found none.

What grabbed my attention though, was the claim by the PWD minster of Uttar Pradesh, Mulayam Singh's brother, that these murders were normal and regular occurences. Whoa! What an irresponsible, insensitive piece of shit this guy is! Maybe his kid must be cut up, organs removed, and thrown in a gutter packed in a gunny bag for him to realise how heart rending this can be. And the cops, well, the lesser said about them, the better. Their lack of interest in doing their duty borders on the criminal. I pray for mob fury to boil over, and that they attack and lynch those shitheads.

Apart from a few people, the generation before us has failed our country. Sad, but true.

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