Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Change, the order of the day

I was a toddler, no more than the length of my Dad's arm
I changed into a strapping young man, the tallest in the class

I never used to study much when I was in higher primary
I changed into a mugpot to pass the 10th board exam

I never listened to English music because I couldn't understand it
I changed into a hard rock freak

I had the most perfect hair when I was younger
I changed into a prematurely balding man

I never thought I could live in a different country from my parents
I changed into a lonely son, a whole ocean across

I never expected to have someone I loved to pieces, not from the family
I changed into a committed boyfriend, till death do us part

I never expected to jump jobs so early in my career
I changed to pursue a better offer, albeit with guilt

I never thought I could publish my thoughts on a widely read forum
I changed to write my own blog

I never thought I would change the template of my blog so often
But....I changed it

welcome to the new look


Dev said...

much better template :D
and fantastic post!

Vijay Krishna said...

I never thought you could write a poem.
Boy, have you proved it!

dharmu said...

that was a good work, nice look, what about a new look to yourself kini? spikes and steaks?

Vinayak said...

Thanks boss

@Vijay krishna
I try hard not to disappoint :P

I'll be driven out of home...and you're in san diego..who'll give me shelter then?? :)

Aparna S Mallya said...

heehee Vijay, good one.

Kini, frankly, nice stuff u wrote there.

Here's one :

I never thought we will ever meet after Canara
And we communicate every day!

viju said...

I am really proud of u and all the best for your future work. But when did u start thinking so much??