Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hockey, The Grammies and BMTC

We are the champions ........ The Bangalore Lions won the second edition of PHL convincingly, defeating the Chandigarh Dynamos 2-1. Read more about it here. What is more heartening is the presence of a 25,000 strong crowd to witness this game. That the partisan crowd returned home disappointed is another issue, but this seems like a revival for the national game. Couldn't have come at a better time, considering the way our Men in Blue are performing right now.

After all the hoopla about Asha being nominated for a Grammy, and wondering why whizkids like AR and his ilk never get nominated, looks like a Buddhist Monk is the best chance for India to bring home one of the more prestigious music awards. Here's the article from the Deccan herald.

Indian Grammy award nominee and Buddhist monk Ngawang Tashi Bapu walks beside a river in Guwahati on Wednesday, prior to leaving for New York to attend the Grammy awards function. Lama Tashi from the Gaden Rabgyaling monastery in Bomdilla, one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the world with over 3,000 monks, has received the nomination for his chanting album Tibetan Master Chants in the Best Traditional World Music Album category.

BMTC started it's Volvo Bus Operations yesterday. With this Bangalore adds yet another feather in it's already owercrowded cap (pun intended), being the first city to have this facility. Pretty sad though, that the entire schedule went haywire on the first day. The authorities promise a better show from today onwards. Let's wait and see if the Volvo idea turns out to be a success, or thanks to the ineptitude of our Babus, remains just a good intention, rather than an idea in practice.

On a more personal note:
Tomorrow I leave for Germany (If my visa arrives on time i.e.). I am not very sure if I'll have the time to blog. But I promise to try updating it regularly.....Wish me Bon Voyage.


Vijay Krishna said...

Bon voyage, dude

dharmu said...

hey, vinnu dear, happy fight and a safe landing!
hope you have the sexiest air-crew in your flight!!!
(mine were sick)
and send me chocolates ok? and give me a call too