Friday, June 16, 2006

Breaking News: Balayya to sue Wachowski Brothers

Telugu superstar and Tanushree Dutta's favorite Southern Superstar, veteran of many a movie, Nandamuri Taraka Balakrishna, lovingly called Balayya Babu by his adoring fans (and not-so-charitable names by others) has revealed in press conference today that he plans to sue the Wachowski brothers for shamelessly plagarising from his 1983 smash hit "Flying Veerudu". The movie in question : "The Matrix". Providing ample proof of the plagarism, Balayya said : "Look how shamelessly they have kaapeed. And that hero is not kapeed even 1/12345th the emotion on my face. Shame I say."

In other unrelated news, former super shooter turned failed firing range instructor Jaspal Rana has shaved off his goatee. He refuses to elaborate why, but he was seen in deep conversation with Balayya just a few days ago, after a special screening of Flying Veerudu.

watch the video below, for more on this scoop.


Harsha said...


Totally enjoyed the video.... What superb action.. Good thing he is going to sue Wachowski's. I say this should even be here...

The best part in the video was the way he lifts off his jeep, like its a bike :))

Vinayak said...


LOL here...couldn't contain my laughter

Akshay said...

Jesus !!! I havent seen so many miracles before. Thanks a lot for this uniquely funny piece of video. This gives me enuf kick like sitting in some kaapi shaap in amsterdam and being in the world of my own. Cheers !!!

Vinayak said...


You're welcome. For more of such entertainment. go to and enter balayya or balakrishna or telugu as the search ter. Total entertainment gauranteed :)