Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tagzone - 6 Weird things about me

Picking up a tag by Harsha, where I have to list 6 weird things about meself.

1. I love to watch B Grade movies (there, I said it). They make me feel better about myself. It's nice to know there are bigger losers than me.

2. I buy Books and DVDs by the bushelful. And I don't read or view most of them. (Not exactly the kinda thing you'd save up for a rainy day, is it?)

3. I'm penny wise, pound foolish.

4. My favorite English song is this. No, really.

5. I can levitate a can of sardines 5 feet from ground level. But that's only if I've had cornflakes for breakfast.

6. I don't lie. Mostly.

OK. 5 and 6 were (a little) off the mark. But I cannot help it. I don't have any "things". I as regular/normal as they come

I tag Apy, Akshay and Vijay Krishna and YOU.


Harsha said...

Thanks for the 6 weird things. That was fast !!!

Akshay said...

i think being penny wise pound foolish is either too normal or thats something common for weirdos, tag picked.

Dev said...

ROFL at the fave English song!

Vijay Krishna said...