Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ignominy Awards 2005

This is a list of the people who desrve the "Ignominy Awards" for being total jackasses this year. The list follows no particular rating....But everyone mentioned in this list deserves a kick in the b**t.

Sourav Ganguly : For thinking of the Indian Cricket team as his personal fiefdom, only to be brought down with a thud. A clear case of connections being more important than performance.

Bal Thackeray : He may be an icon, but he sure is a fading one. The people of Maharashtra have shown their back to him, strongly proving that development is more important than the regionalistic rhetoric that Thackeray espouses.

Deve Gowda : Has thought of it as his birthright to throw a spanner in any developmental work required in Bangalore. Promotes dynastic politics, and though highly incapable, indulges too much in Governance these days, when he slept through half his term as Prime Minister.

George W Bush : Inarguably, the main cause of America's biggest mistake after Vietnam. Fighting a war no-one really wants, the leader of the free world is himself a highly embattled man, trying to find excuses to go on with the war, which is now turning out to be a little more than the "overstaying of an unwelcome guest".

MPs stung by Cash for Questions and MPLAD scam : Sickos...thats the only word I have for these guys. A symbol of how our political system had degenerated to being the refuge of the corrupt and the cowardly.

All the Terrorists in the world : Burn in hell, you b******s.....

This list can go on-and-on-and-on, but i'm already very depressed by this. I will now spend some time in making a list of the peole of the year, who made life a little more better for all the people around them. Hopefully, that'll make me feel a little better.

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