Friday, December 30, 2005

Dear Coppers....You suck!

The recent terror attacks in Bangalore have left me shocked. I always used to think that Bangalore will remain a safe haven, free from any sort of terrorist attacks. But i couldn't have been more wrong. I just pray that this does not open the floodgates to future attcks.

The time is now apt for us to review our security, or rather to be more specific, our security forces. The police, in their present form and mode of operation, are a joke. Give any constable who stops you on the road 50Rs, and he'll let you off with a smile. The guns these guys carry are no match for the hi-tec automatics the terrorists own. Can we hope for proper protection from these jokers??

I am led to beleive that the intelligence network of Indian Security Forces is very vast and solid. But all that seemed to be of no help when a lone maniac opened fire in the holy grail of Indian Science education. Of course, it cannot be of help. People who are motivated by religion are very hard to stop. But letting this guy get away was by itself a serious lapse on behalf of the forces. There has been talk about the Bangalore police being forewarned about possible terror strikes. But sadly, no attention seems to have been paid to it. If this kind of scenario continues, then Bangalore will become the softest target for terrorists.

One last word about cops...this time the Traffic cops....Biggest bunch of cheapos.
Well, most of them at least, and they spoil the name of those who work honestly. You wont find one cop in an area where there is a jam...but you'll find dozens in the middle of some other busy road, catching hold of people and finding one pretext or another to fine them (This fine does not fill the coffers of the government...Instead it pays for the personal betterment of the cop)

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