Monday, December 26, 2005

Rambling on....

The interference of the government (by this i mean a couple of politicians) in the functioning of the Bangalore University does not augur well for the future of one of the largest universities of the country. Of course, BU by itself is no paradise, with regular cases of malpractice (by the authorities, mind you, not just the students) and extra large stupidity by evaluators being reported. But put in a bunch of ignoramus politicians, whose sole reason of being in the affairs commitee, or whatever they call it, is that they run a couple of colleges, and you have the path to self destruction. God save BU.

I have a grouse against our present CM Mr. Dharam Singh. Two actually:
1. How did he make money enough for the grand wedding he arranged for his son?
2. Why has he allotted prime BDA land to undeserving people, members of his ilk?
That he has cut across party lines in allotting sites maybe shows that he's just trying to buy their silence on the former issue.

Who the heck is this Devraj dude? Every year, around this time, i see huge hoardings put up by his "Fan Club" celebrating his birthday. Each of these hoardings cost close to 10 grand. The cost of buying an underpreviliged kind one meal for a year is 1500 bucks. Why can't Mr. Devaraj ask his fans to do this, instead of spending unnecessarily on ugly banners, with himself in quite ridiculous poses?

Mr Siddaramiah's stand that the Krishna Temple in Udupi is government property is sure to raise a stink in the coming days. Using this issue as a political plank stinks of callousness and cheap gimmickry. It is depressing to see another bright mind that is Siddu resorting to cheap vote bank politics. Guess there's no hope!

Elton John finally wed his long time partner David Furnish in a civil agreement cermony...In an age when homosexuality is still a punishable offence in an erstwhile colony. We need to review this law, and even if gay marriages are unlawful, let's not make the same rule for being diferent. Everyone has a right to choose the way he/she wants to long as they mind their own business that is.

On a more personal note, I am now the proud owner of a 29" television and a 5.1 channel output DVD player, both manufactured by PHILIPS. What can I say...I am overawed by the majestic presence of the above mentioned items in my living room. Looking forward to couch-potato days ahead.

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amrutha said...

anna congrats 4 that tv i wanted 2 ask u one question doesnt ur eyes pain? it seems u r watching many movies coz i watch tv 4 1 hour and my eyes pain and i try 2 view the time and it looks blur.