Thursday, December 22, 2005

Kill the Pervert

The incident of a sex-pervert driver raping and murdering a call-center employee has shocked our entire nation. Expectedly, it has provoked an angry response from the BPO industry. There have been demands for swift immediate justice, and calls for the death penalty to be handed out to the errant driver in question. I fully endorse this call. In fact i say, chop of his d**k, and let him bleed to death.

I also firmly beleive that the employer in question is party to the crime. One cannot say that they were ignorant of this, and hence cannot be blamed. The employer must have had a system in place where the employee is intimated of a change in the driver, if there is any. This can help in avoiding such incidents in the future. That multinational companies in India are dragging their feet in this matter is of grave concern. One need not have to think too hard about the repurcussions this sort of an incident would have had for the company, say in the USA or somewhere in Europe.

All said and done, we will remain a society that acts only after we have been struck by tragedy. Wonder if there is any way for us to realise that pevention is generally better than the cure?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, he should be allowed to bleed to death. I feel he should be pushed into a ditch and everyone around should throw stones at him. This should be telecast live on all the channels for brutal rapists and murders all over the world to see. The sight should be so ghastly that next time any dirtbags even think of rape they should cringe and dismiss the ghastly thought.