Monday, January 02, 2006

Jingle all the way

Radio Jingles are now turning out to be more addictive than the noise our esteemed music diectors seem to create these days. Here's a list of my favorite jingles, in no particular order :

Puravankara Homes : Easily the most catchy tune that runs on radio. The fact that it's on every 30 minutes also helps. I find myself humming the tune everytime it's played.

Mantri Homes : Lets go home, the singer wails. Well, he's got me hooked. But i really dont think i can afford one in Mantri.

Maruti Alto : Ok, this one's a Kannada translation of the original hindi song that plays on the telly. But it's actually beautiful, if you try and make sense of the lyrics.

Ford : There are two reasons this is on the list :
1. It's quite intelligent rapping that sells it as a "Bangalorean" car.
2. It mentions "Bannerghatta Potholes"
Smart selling, if you ever need an example.

Elita Promenade : The builders of Bangalore are back. Guess it's an indication of how rapidly Bangalore is growing.

Nokia/Reliance : I am not sure which brand this jingle sells (goes to show that jingles are more popular than the brands htey endorse). But "Yeddelu India Yeddelu" is slowly becoming cult classic. Again a Kannada translation of a hindi song.

All said and done, my favorite ad on radio is one without a jingle. Spice telecom had hit bulls eye with it's advertisement campaign and slogan "Everyone likes to talk"...Couldn't be simpler and more crisp. My personal favorite : the one with the mechanic....Has me in splits everytime.

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Anonymous said...

All said n done, the jingle I like the best is of Radio City itself!
I love the way it goes 'Radio City, 91 fm...Radio citttttty...'
And I think it was intelligent thinking - adding 91 FM to it I mean