Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mooing On....

Some good news on the sports front. Our Bangalore Lions have won the first of the best of three finals of the Premier Hockey League. I am not a hockey buff, nor do I have any inkling about the rules of the game. But the IHF (Indian Hockey Federation) had hit bulls eye with this tournament, which follows a format radically different from that of normal hockey. for starters, foreign players are allowed to participate. The card system is also followed. The biggest shift is the presence of 4 quarters of play, rather than the classical two halves and the option to take a time-out. Lets hope all these changes in the game make it more interesting for the players and viewers alike. It's time we started paying attention to games other than cricket.

Fed-Ex never seems to run outta steam. Now before you think that I'm talking about the courier company, let me tell you that it's Roger Federer that I'm referring to. He now has one 3 consecutive Grand Slam titles, with just the elusive French Open out of his grasp. What with Rafael Nadal struggling with injuries, seems like Federer is the best bet this time, to lift the trophy at Roland Garros. I hope to see a RogerSlam this time around. Go Federer!

Radio City 91FM seems to be losing steam. Not only has the standard of shows deteriorated, I even get a feeling that the RJ's have become a little too pompous. It does not augur well for the first private entertainment radio channel of the country, specially when the airwaves in Bangalore are opening up and people can just flip from one station to another, which hasn't been the case till now.

More later....Thats all for now. The Holy Cow has mooed!

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