Friday, April 07, 2006

...And some things never change!

This post is the second part of my earlier post When change was the order of the day.

Though there were a lot of things that had changed in the city I love, there were somethings that remained pretty much the same, withstanding with all it's might the winds of change.

Jayanagar 9th Block : The market is as busy as ever, with absolutely no change in how business is conducted. The push carts, the screaming vendors, all of it remains the same. And yes, it still is a terror to drive through, because you never know who'll zip onto the road when you least expect it.

Lalbagh : This haven for ealy morning walkers remains so. For me, it's the only remaining lung space of Bangalore. Once you walk into it's gates, the difference in the quality of air you breathe in is quite obvious. And the rush of the early morning walkers in MTR, for their steaming cuppa coffee is one tradition that I think will never break.

Hang Out Zones : No prizes for guessing that the hangout zones were still MG Road and Brigade Road. Of course, now we have a coupla malls and multiplxes, but till then, it was these roads that half of Bangalore used to descend upon. The best place to see all the pretty women gather, even today.

Deccan Herald : I never have a good day, if I do not read the Deccan Herald early in the morning. It has been Bangalore's best newspaper for as long as I can remember. Though it has changed it's format and size recently, it still remains my favorite newspaper. After all, i've been reading it since I was five.

India Coffee House : This hotel is situated on MG Road, and is my favorite eat out in that area, KFC and Coffee Day notwithstanding. The original coffee place, it is unique in the sense that the waiters are all decked up like some Raj-era butlers. I can swear I had seen the waiters ages back, and they continue to loyally wait tables at the same place. And yes, they give you a knife and a fork to eat dosa's with!

I have seen Bangalore, from the past to the present, seen it's metamorphosis from a small little city with an identity of it's own, into a stuggling metropolis which is without an Identity. Though me and millions of others like me owe our job to the changes that have occured, I still look back with a sense of nostalgia as to what was, what it could have been and what it is currently. And i'm sad......

But I have, and always will remain at heart, A Bangalorean


Harsha said...

First to comment. Lucky me :D

Agree with you Vinnu.
India Coffee house serves the best coffee around. I love the old coffee ads that they have put up on the wall. The 5 yr kid with lipstick holding a cup of cofee. cho chweet :)

Never been to Lalbagh, but whenever I need some breathing space, I like to goto Cubbon Park and just take a time out.

Hey need a review on Bannerghatta National Park man.

dharmu said...

u missed koramangala, the hub of the young,jobless junta. the place where we had a few reunions too.

and as u have metioned parks, our putani express is still on hold. the complete combo with ballons and ice-candy.
wonder when u will take me ???
hopefully, not when ur kids and my kids will be fighting for their share of ballons & ice-candy.
I WILL NOT SHARE MINE ....atleast,

dont be too happy, wait till enxt time buddy....

Akshay said...

" I have seen Bangalore, from the past to the present, seen it's metamorphosis from a small little city with an identity of it's own, into a stuggling metropolis which is without an Identity "

I think as bangaloreans we have probably the best identity in this world. Believe me even the red necks in some remote village in the Americas will know of Bangalore, though they may not really know of a place called Tacoma near Seattle.

The identity it has generated for itself and its people is enormous. Just like a guy from NY , London / Paris need not say that he is from the US , UK / France respectively we can stick to saying we r from Bangalore.

It is still the city I consider to be the best after all that I have seen.

Vinayak said...

@ Bev
BNP is a nice place...even better because it's close to my house :P

@ Dharmu
I am not very fond of Koramangala, reasons for which I do not have time to elucidate.
But the Putani Express trip is still on, as soon as yer back :)

@ Akshay
I agree with you completely. But you talk of an Identity at a global level, where people know about Bangalore only because of the outsourcing brouhaha. In Bangalore itself, all the settlers (i.e. people from all over the country) bring with then their own identity. It makes me beleive that though Bangalore gets more cosmopolitan due to this, the smaller things that are more Bangalorean than anything else get the go-by. Ex.....our 4th block complex "katte"....Going by the area pains me these days. It's changed beyond recognition. People prefer cold overpriced coffee over that steaming Cothas coffee.....

But yes, if i go out of Bangalore, I know that we have an Identity like no one else

anoop said...

well just to get another perspective on this...i agree that Bangalore has degenerated quite a bit, however i feel you just have to look around and you will still feel it's old world charm...the beautiful gardens and blossoms are still there...all you need is to pause and look

i noticed this only recently!! :)