Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pics from my Trip - Day 1

On NH48, I met my namesake

At the watefall by the tea-stall

Nirvana for a Bangalorean

Boarding a rickety watch tower in the ghats

Sunset at the beach

The eyesores

Ending the day at Bhattre's


Gautam Ghosh said...

lovely snaps

Was in Manipal for three years.. these snaps made me nostalgic..

dharmu said...

vinnu, the 'eyesore' snap did miss yet another of its kind...
where the heck is your photo???

vivekanad shenoy said...


had a great time.

Y din u mention abt our catching practice with cigaretes and lighter

Vinayak said...

@ Gautam
Thanks diude...You've got a great blog runnin, btw

@ Dharmu
Wtf? You speak about magic ... and then you call me an eyesore :)

Too controversial to mention on a public forum dude