Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's time to take a stand

OK. So Annavru is no more. It definitely is a loss to the state. A even bigger loss to the film industry. May his soul rest in peace. He really is a great person. I sincerely believe so.

But so far it looks like the biggest losers are the normal, decent citizens of Bangalore. Pray, what justifies the vandalism, the burning of buses, police vehicles, private vehicles etc? If any of the guys who are reading this willingly partook in these activities, well, fu*k you moth*rfuc**s. I hope I've made my sentiments clear.

The police must throw human rights to the winds in such a case, and mercilessly thrash such vandals, and then call me, and let me mercilessly thrash them. Human rights do not apply to scum.

What surprises me most is the knee jerk reaction of the Software Industry in Bangalore. Just because a few mischief mongers decide to have some fun, at the expense of the larger peace loving and law abiding society does not mean you declare a holiday! We are the largest industry operating out of Bangalore, and we must not cow down to such acts of goondagardi.

I have taken a stand. No more will I let such events hamper my work. I have come to work today. I will treat it as any normal day. Life goes on. No piece of shit out on the road destroying public property is gonna stop me from doing my job. It's a matter of principles now.


Shiv said...

i appreciate it, Vinay. That's the spirit. Take care.

Akshay said...

Drive back home safe venka, i know what you are talking about, I did follow the news from yesterday and believe me I am as annoyed as you are.


dharmu said...

way to go vinnu,
appriciate your guts to work...

uh..i wait for something to happen and get a holiday, but nothing happens here,
touch wood..

Aparna S Mallya said...

Esier said than done, kini, considering that u stay in Bannerghatta rd and have to go to Whitfield. Think of those ppl who stay arnd Sadashiv nagar and Kanteerava stadium. I was horrified to see the miscreants on TV and was equally appalld when i saw the huge buildings with broken glass windows the next day. Houses weren't spared either. Girias, Microsoft, Tata motors and many many other buildings saw the brutality of the mentally deranged mob.