Sunday, April 16, 2006

Scene Change

Finally in Walldorf, Germany!

What was upposed to happen in February has happened now, thanks to visa screw-ups and new projects coming up. But this time, i'm thankful about it. If i'd come down in February, it would've meant walking around in the snow, under layers of clothing. But now, it's different. Spring is setting in and the flowers are blooming. It's like a scene out of a picture postcard. And the fact that I live in a village also helps, as there is hardly any noise and pollution.

A telephone call home tells me that it rained in Bangalore, and everything looks beautiful. Sigh! Why did it have to wait till I left? Bangalore, for me, is at it's most beautiful after a nice shower. Of course, driving around after one is not very advisable, but sitting on the balcony, eating hot pakodas, or the local menasinkai bajji....mmmmm, life doesn't get better.

Watch this space for more updates about my time in Deutscheland. Till then, auf wiedersehen.


Vijay Krishna said...

Wie gehts, Herr Kini?

dharmu said...

kinimaam, do we expect another mystery while ur in germany ?

hey,do give me a call sometime ok?and dont u forget to post a few pictures.

BTW, i came second...
(these days i have this obsession to be the first one to comment in everyones blogs)

Aparna S Mallya said...

hey, yeah another mystery ;)pretty plz!!!

Vinayak said...

@ Dharmu and Apy
You guys start off....will plunge right in :)

@ VK
I have no idea as to what you've written .... and btw, am doin just fine :P

praveen said...

Menasinkkai bajji's r rely yummy..