Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gangster - A music review - * * * *

How long can you keep listening to the same coupla songs before you get tired of them? If it is Gangster, and if you are on a road trip while listening to the songs, then never.

Mahesh Bhatt movies seem to draw heavy influences from across the border. First it was the Pakis who made their presence felt (Paap had Junoon's Ali Azmat and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan whereas Zeher and Kalyug had Atif Aslam, an erstwhile member of the Paki Rock Band Jal). This time they go east to Bangladesh and unearth this guy called James.

This guy totally burns up the track Bheegi Bheegi. A slowish pop-rock number, the variations in the pitch of singing and the guitaring make it an enjoyable track. Apparently, this track is based on on a song called Prithibi by the late Gautam Chatterjee (a cult Bengali rock songwriter who was the leader of a band called Mohiner Ghoraguli). (Source:Rediff)

KK reinforces his growing stature as a singer of repute and extraordinary talent with the melodious and emminently hummable Tu hi meri Shab hai. Excellent chorus at regular intervals make you wanna hum along. Fairly simple with the lyrics, this one is the easiest listen in the album.

Saving the best for the last, Ya Ali is the scorcher of the album. Newcomer Zubeen's quasi-nasal vocals (a Himesh Reshammiya hangover?) make you sit up and take note of this song. I have to admit I did not understand much of the song, but it's great to listen to nevertheless, and gets you all enthusiastic and aggressive.

The other songs just fill up empty space. Not worth listening to. Music Director Pritam Singh has done a good job. I recommend this album as a must buy. After all, it's rare now-a-days to get 3 good hindi songs in one album. That too without listening to that whiner we call Himesh Reshammiya.


subharun said...

dude...downloaded the music after your review...wasnt bad...but if you like this version of bheegi bheegi...i will send you the original...its better...the rest of the music was standard fair...for that matter even bheegi bheegi was standard...

Anonymous said...

totally agreed....bheegi bheegi & ya ali absolutely rock! Now that's what I call music!! Just a little correction though..the music director is Pritam Chakrabarti & not Singh.

Vinayak said...

@ Anon
Sorry about the goof up :)