Friday, March 03, 2006

The Holy Cow is not the Master of all he surveys

Is there anything at all that i do well? Err....This is something that I have thought about, quite a bit, since yesterday evening. And sadly, I have failed to come up with a satisfactory answer. (Well, the answer is no, which is a definite answer, but not satisfactory for me)

I guess I can blame this on my mentality of beginning something in the right earnest, and then totally losing interest in whatever it is. From what I hear from my parents, relatives, neighbor aunties and uncles and other assorted fuddy-duddies, it's the drawback of our generation. We are a bunch of confused, lazy people, who expect things to come too easy. I dont know if that's true, but that's what they think.

Coming back to more important topics (i.e. Myself...Narcissism is something I'm really good at), I just realised I am one of those "Jack of all trades, but a master of none". Lets start right from school. Studies were something that I never took seriously, but always managed to pass my exams. Of course, it took a lot of hard work at the end, but it was worth it, considering the fun i'd have on regular days, bumming around. So this meant I never learnt much at school. Whatever I learnt (If you can call it that) was promptly forgotten the next day. Sports was a strong point, or so I thought. Never came first or second in anything. But then I salvaged some pride (In my own eyes) by telling myself that it was competing that mattered, not winning (Yeah, Right!). (Wait......I remember coming 1st in some relay in college...If the other 3 guys wanna take credit...Piss off...I need this, my morale is dented right now). Cricket was a passion. I considered myself an all-rounder, and did pretty well, when we played friendly matches regularly. But when I played for school, I had scores of 0 and 1 in two matches to show for my all round prowess.

Fast Forward to college. This was where I shone brightest wrt my half baked skills. Computer Programming was so-so. Only here and there could I come up with brilliant code workarounds (All of them, memorably, came in my final year project). Sp0ort went for a toss, as I kept growing fatter and lazier. Maybe table tennis once in a while. Cricket was a shame, as I led my class team to spectaular defeats in the college tourneys. (But again, in the friendlies, I shone).

Coming to the present, I would rate myself as a pretty competent space monkey, but a total ass of a programmer. It still takes me almost an hour more than normal people to grasp a concept, to think of supernova level ideas. I can blah blah on but i'll give it a stop. I guess everyone can draw a fair picture of how I am.

All of this is OK for me. I can live and get by with it. This is because I think that I am the unparalleled master of the universe when it comes to getting an idea across, or when it comes to speaking my mind. This has held me in good stead (Mind you, i beep out the f***s when i speak to people higher up on the food chain...always helps).

The holy Cow shall moo on. Long live the cow!

Hey...wait a mo...ficky fick....ain't the cow feminine!!! Well, whatever, who gives a shit

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