Monday, March 06, 2006

It's just another day, for you and me, In Paradise

When in rains, it pours. Well, it wasn' t the case so far, here in Bangalore, unlike good ole Kudla, which makes the Bangalore rains look like a sorry excuse. But it seems like the big guy handling things up there is making up for lost time.

It rained. No, it poured last night. Lightning, Thunder, the works. And do I need to elaborate about the condition of the roads now? My thought that it was an incredible effort by the authorities to get the worst road in Bangalore back to a motorable condition, which, by the way, has now turned into a muckpool, is now replaced with a wry "I-wasn't-hoping-this-would-happen-but-it-did" smile.

Apart from the widespread destruction of roads that the rains cause (Mind you, I am not blaming the rain, let me make it very clear...If anything, I love the rains), another thing they do is bring down the temperatures big time. You can notice the difference early in the morning, when the air is crisp and everything looks clean and scrubbed. Thats exactly how the Bangalore of yore used to be. But, paradise is never the same, is it? Paradise lost will never be regained. *sigh*

Now, our esteemed CM, HDK, as the newspapers lovingly call him, has gone ahead and done a Deve Gowda, saying that his government will not cower to the "threats" of the IT/BT industries. It seems that this section of the working class public is being rowdy, by highlighting their problems, whilst ignoring the woes of other people. Yes, HDK saar, bad roads, poor electricity supply, lack of water, increasing traffic woes due to effective mismanagement by our traffic cops...all this affects only the IT/BT guys. The other people are totally insulated from all this. In fact, they enjoy it. Is that what you want to beleive? I was just beginning to get over my cynical view of you getting into the seat of power via your fathers drama, after listening to all your idealistic views. But then, you went ahead and proved that all of it was just horseshit.

The Holy Cow has lost all faith in politicos.


Vijay Krishna said...

So even this "mannine maga" flatters to deceive, eh? Maybe, Bangalore will get mud roads village-ishtyle.

Vinayak said...

Mannina Maga (Son of the soil) is this guys dad, Deve Gowda...This guys called Mannina Mommaga (Grandson of the soil).... And we bear this with a straight face :)

Aparna S Mallya said...

well written.

dharmu said...

rains.... i miss them,
blore.... i miss them,
roads.... i miss them,

the sligest drizzel of mlore is called a "gosh, it rained so badly last night" here.

Vinayak said...


Sometimes i wonder if should love Bangalore as much as I do