Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wham, Bam, Thank You...

Scene 1
Venue : Paris ,some boulevard with an unpronouncable name.

Here I am in this tour bus, with colleagues touring the city of Paris. Our bus driver, an uptight German, wants to reverse. He does. Rather he tries to, but the big Crruuunchhh deters him from trying anything else. When we come out and investigate, he's whacked a car, which was parked alonside the kerb, with the owner nowhere in sight. Read on to find out what happened next and be amazed:
- We wait for the owner of the car in question to arrive.
- When he does, the driver and the owner speak something.
- By what I make out, they've agreed that the car guy has insurance, so it's not a problem.
- They exchange business cards, and we're on our way.

Scene 2
Venue : Hudson Circle , Bangalore
There's an auto (what else?) and a Tempo Goods carrier. Both of them coming towards Hudson Circle from Nrupathunga Road. (Now anyone who's made this turn will agree with me that it's one of the most dangerous stretches in Bangalore. Everyone freely cuts lanes and for those fleeting moments, you're not really sure if you'll get out alive)
Auto Guy wants to go to Corporation Circle, Tempo Guy to Kasturba Road. Both of then on wrong lanes, both decide to cut lanes at the same fateful moment. CRASH. Both drivers get out. Fisctcuffs ensue. Jam all over the place. No cops in sight.

Welcome to Bangalore


Aparna S Mallya said...

righto! never been to Paris, can't comment on that, but the scene in B'lore floated b4 my eyes as i read abt it. I just hope that ppl realise the importance of maintaining discipline on roads... (sigh)

Aparna S Mallya said...

btw, nice title that ;)

Anonymous said...

Sure had some hard hitting moments myself ..... :(
Who says that driving in Mumbai
will make a 'driver' out of you??
Try Bangalore...

Nice title...


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dharmu said...

with the title i expected different stuff. but cross my heart, i agree by you.