Friday, March 10, 2006

A little risque, but harmless and enjoyable nevertheless

Please proceed only if you have devilish sense of humor, and don't take offence to risque jokes.

There was a post on Spoonerisms by my friend and fellow blogger Vijay Krishna. Though his area of interest remained primarily in English ones, it got me thinking about the ones we have in Konkani. Of course, it's used by all young Konkani males (not the women though, never really understood why..any ideas???) deliberately, unlike how a spoonerism is generally used (involutarily, by mistake). Here are a few, with translations :

Spoonerism : Sooth Moanu Ettha (I'll break a thread and return)
Actual : Mooth Sonu Ettha (I'll pee and be back)

Spoonerism : Chetti Tonda Gopi (Gopi, with a flat face)
Actual : Gotto Tonda Chepi (Stuff your b***s in your mouth)

Spoonerism : Ganga Masterni (Ganga Teacher)
Actual : Mango Gasterni (Didn't wash your wee wee)

Spoonerism : Mira Kini (This is just a name)
Actual : Keera Minni (A parrots wee wee)

Here's a long one...

Spoonerism : Gayyele Baal Apponukka, Sing Maaratha (Dont touch a cows tail, it might attack you with it's horns)
Actual : Baylel Gall Apponukka, Mango Shiratha (Dont touch your wife's face, your wee wee may shrink)

And my personal favorite :

Spoonerism : Master Kini (fairly straightforward, take the english meaning)
Actual : Kasteri Minni (your little wee wee on your undies)


dharmu said...

hats off vinnu!!!
catchy way of promoting our konkani culture!!!
master kini ???i like that the best.

Harsha said...

Good work Kini...
add these as well

Pursa Note ( note in the purse)
Nursa Pot ( nurse is pregnant)

Appo Bhagla ve?( Appo is a local sweet, and it is swollen? )
Bappa Hagla ve? ( Did uncle take a shit ? )

My 2 cents :D

Vijay Krishna said...

Seems like Konkani is a language formed exclusively for vulgar spoonerisms ;-)

Aparna S Mallya said...

er, Mr. Vijay, I beg to differ. Any language can be made to sound vulgar if hardworking people will to do so.

Vinayak said...

@ Bev rock :)

ACtually, promoting "culture" was the last thing on my mind :))

I agree with Aparna

@ Apy
I agree with you :)

Vijay Krishna said...

@Kini & Apy: It's not about the vulgarity of the language, but of the spoonerisms. In any case, I didn't mean any harm.