Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bounty hunting in Bangalore

I am sure that as i am typing this, somewhere in Bangalore, a gang of labourers are getting ready to strike their pickaxes on an unsuspecting road, dig it up till it's beyond recognition and then, quite simply, leave. The amount of apathy shown to commuters, vehicular and pedestrian alike, is apalling. Most of the times, it the telephone compaies which are guilty of this. Of course, the BMP itself, which has a long history of extra ordinary stupidity at work, is no less guilty. In the end, it is us, the normal citizens, who lie at the bottom of the "screwed chain".

The way these guys go at the digging, if they showed the same interest in covering up the dug areas after the work's done, well, wouldn't that be just dandy. But, what the heck, why spoil a long tradition? I only hope they don't strike treasure, else we all can imagine a doomsday scenario on the roads. (Not that it isn't so already!)

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