Monday, October 17, 2005

Indian Men and their Double Standards

Take a good look at the photo above. Now what would strike you at first. I'm pretty sure you would be revolted by it. Even my reaction was "Holy @#$%". But then i thought, why not?
These are apparently girls from IIT Delhi or wherever, but from one of the Holy Grails of Indian Engineering colleges. As is clearly evident from the photo:
1. They are making lewd gestures at all us viewers.
2. They are wearing skimpy clothes.
3. They don't seem to care about consequenses.
These photos have apparently caused quite a furore in the college, with boys (educated, mind you) going on a full blown moral policing campaign. I have quite a few choice words for these guys. Is it ok if we make lewd gestures to each other, not just in photos? Of course, i am guilty of it as much as anyone else, and it's all done in good humor, agreed, but the girls in this photo are not attending Gandhi's funeral either, are they?
Now coming to the second point, which about their clothing (or the lack of it), weel, we dont see guys roaming around their hostels fully attired in a three piece suit with a cummerband, do we? I have know people in hostels who roam about in their undies. So why single out girls who were comfortable clothing when in private.
Thirdly, i'm assuming these photos were never meant to become public in the first place. So you can't really blame these chicks for all this. C'mon, it's time we accepted the fact that girls too wanna have fun. And coming up next is the reply of one of these girls to all the flak that they had to take from guys who thought they were doing wrong in posing for this photo. Party On!


Vijay Krishna said...

Good one, dude!!!

Aparna Mallya said...

It's time guyz realised that girls also need to have their share of fun which seemed to have eluded them in several cases and still seems to elude many. As long as girls know where to draw the line (no pun intended) there is absolutely nothing wrong with chilling out.