Monday, October 24, 2005

The Tale of a City I Loved

I have spent 18 years out of my 23 in Bangalore. Even for the 5 years that i spent in Mangalore, I always made it a point to visit Bangalore whenever i got any holidays.
I still remember those days, when as a kid who was lucky enough to have a bicycle, I used to roam around the city, racing on the streets with my friends. Those green trees that covered every boulevard, those beautiful flowers that were on them, so uniquely Bangalorean. The weather, so salubrious for a greater part of the year. Sleeping with the fan switched on even on the coldest of days. Dancing in the rains with my mouth open, hoping some of the hailstones would land in there. Eating Joy Ice Cream Candies for 2 bucks, which was akin to a treasure trove then. Going to the Lalbagh Flower show and watching those beautiful flowers adding to the glory of that beautiful place. Going to Puttanna theater to watch every new Ravichandran release. Eating "khara" Masala Poori at every "gaadi" i could find. Giving curious glances to all the old people who stationed themselves on the "katte" at the 4th Block Complex, discussing politics and their granchildren with equal ease. Belting Idli Vada Sambar for 10 Rs every Friday afternoon in SLV. Seeing my dad park his Bajaj Chetak in the middle of MG Road, cheerfully waving at the cops, who actually smiled back. The days when the city ended at Banashankari and BTM. Playing cricket on the main road. When Ganaati pandals on the streets were not cursed. When you could pick your luggage from the conveyer belt in the airport, standing next to stray dog which had gotten in. When we were taught that the Utility Building was the tallest in the city. When there was no Forum or Garuda, and we were actually happy with something or the other to while time away with.
I live in Bangalore. No matter what, this will always be home for me. I am proud to be a Bangalorean. But not even the most optimistic thoughts in my head tell me that Home is anymore where the heart is. The love has just died. It is just another city now. Just another f$#**d up city, that sits raped and naked.


Dev said...

An amazing walk down memory lane, Vinnu. Love it. Feel this is quite easily the best blog u've written. Keep it up. :)
I live in hope that good ol' Mlore that has been home for me all my 23 yrs doesnt go the Bangalore way. But with the rapid fire construction spree and unheard of before traffic jams on Bunts Hostel road, it doesnt look good for namma Kudla. :(

Vinayak said...

Hey Dev...It is pretty sad that this has happened. But if thats the price we have to pay for modernization, then i'd rather live in the stone ages

Savur, Atul said...

hey there. came to know of your blog from venkitesh (one of the silent admirers of your blog). i really enjoyed the scenic trip down memory lane through your post.

where have all the flowers gone?