Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Time to chill out

For quite some time now, my blogs have all been serious, and I have to admit that all i've done is crib and crib (not that I have any reason not to). Hence, this post is dedicated to a topic which is totally irrelevant to the previous few posts on my blog.
Guys (and Gals, though a miniscule minority) who know me, know that I am a total movie buff, who'll watch anything if given a bag of popcorn or a case of beer. I want to share a list of my all time favorite movies. Of course, it also comes with a recommendation to watch these movies if you haven't already.

The Godfather : What can I say? If you haven't heard of this movie, let alone see it, then please close the window and move to some other site. The rest of the stuff that follows is useless for you.

Fightclub : I cannot tell you much, because "The first rule of Fightclub is, YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHTCLUB". Cult Classic. David Fincher produces a gem. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton have never looked better. A man's film.

Lock, Stock and TwoSmoking Barrels : Guy Ritchie does a Mandrake, and overshadows Tarrantino with this crime flick, that is insanely whacky and funnily violent. The witty one liners surely do help.

Gloomy Sunday : German Movie about the times of the holocaust. About a song called "Gloomy Sunday", which causes people to commit suicide as soon as they hear it. People, who feel the grief in the song and cannot bear it. A beautifully made movie, with some amazing performances.

Lagaan : There are two things that ignite passion in any Indian's mind. Cricket and Movies. And no movie had ever been as cricket centric as Lagaan, thereby, by default, making it one of the biggest hits ever of Aamir Khans career. Also, we got to see the Indian team winning, which is a rarity in the modern era.

Okay, thats it for now. Will come back with more posts listing my favorite movies. The Holy Cow has mooed.


Akshay said...

Watched all apart from gloomy sunday and I agree all are worth a mention. How do u like American History X that movie really got me thinking!!

Anonymous said...

Good movies. incase u love movies i can list some of the movies that u have missed to watch or u have watched it and have failed to appreciate..
the boys from brazil
the motorcycle diaries
the french connection
the eichegen santuary
the deer hunter

the movies now a days are dependent on computers[so stunts & even the screen looks artificial] & many of them have lost the story too.
Enjoy yourself.