Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Part 2 of the saga - The Response

I am not very aware of copyrigt issues, but anyways, i will give total credit for the most wonderful "open letter" of my times to Garima.

They think they know the meaning of the word "morals". The men who have the gumption to pass lewd comments about members of the opposite sex, desecrating them, and everything that "morality" betokens. The men who, as a humble sign of their machismo and virility, intersperse every sentence with scurrilous obscenities. The men, who with the switching off of a few lights during a Sem hall event metamorphose into wild beasts,incanting then names of the popular females, dedicating songs like Yeh Chaand saa Roshan Chehraato them; females they know they'd never have the guts to talk to, face to face. The men who cant muster up enough courage to go up and speak to a member of the opposite sex, but spend hours giving finishing touches to the mails extending a hand of "friendship" to them. The men who take great pride in being spotted in the company of a female in the Wind T, whom they call "friends", but once back in the hostels, think about how it would be like to rape them. The men who spare not even the younger brother of an IIT female, in an attempt to gain more knowledge about her vital statistics. The men who scribble obscenities about IIT females (whom they call "non- males" with such pride) on the desks of MS720, the Reading Room and the Lecture Theatres. The erudite,scatological minds that seem to consider it their prerogative to educate (by means of vivid sketches engraved on the aforesaid desks), their lesser-informed brethren about the female anatomy. But of course, they wont take the pains to leave their signature below the pieces of art, made with such meticulous single-minded devotion. Or do I say they don't have the guts to do so. The men who have an insatiable appetite for porn, and live on it, day after day, night after night. The men who have never honestly submitted an assignment, without using "ftp", but leave no stone unturned in an attempt to put porn on their computers, purchased originally to aid them in their pedagogic pursuits. The men, for whom the sight of a "tote" LSR bandi is enough to get them salivating like mad dogs, desperate to lap up every little leftover that is thrown at them by these females. Yeh nahin toe koi aur sahi. And they call themselves "men". Men? Morals? I think the 2 words have nothing in common other than the same initial letter. And there's more. I haven't of course, had the good fortune of visiting the rooms in the boys' hostels, where the finer points, the vital and not-so-vital statistics of every female are a topic of feverish confabulations. I haven't of course, been privy to the secret fantasies of the male population aroused whenever they see a particular bandi, which are laid bare in front of the others, every night in the very same rooms? Welcome to IIT!! The institute, which helps in the all "round" development of your child, because other than learning the nuances of the art of committing "fraud" in every course, your son, along with the crme of the country unravels the mystic subtleties of what has caught his fancy since adolescence. And, even after all this, he can lecture about "morality" for hours. He thinks its his prerogative to bring to the notice of the other people, certain incidents where people don't seem to be adhering to these "morals". So the moment they notice a snap of a few girls wearing spaghettis, and showing their middle fingers, they run amok. Some take the pains of collaborating to form a "moral police", forwarding the snap to every person they know, some set it as their wallpaper, while others wonder about how they can use exploit their skills at digital processing now that they have been provided with a wonderful opportunity to do so. The common underlying reason behind all this activity: The guardians of morals and ethics have to root out all that's evil, all that's philistine, all that's corrupt. They have to make sure the females culpable of attempting to corrupt IIT's culture, are penitent throughout their lives and can not face anybody in the institute. The reaction from one of the involved: The middle finger raised so clearly is meant exactly for these men. And by forwarding the mail to more guys, you are only making my task simpler. Now if only you could do me another favour: forward this mail to as many people as you can.
Silence must not be interpreted as being mute. It does not mean submission; rather, revulsion and pity for these depraved reprobates.

Bravo! Nobody could have put it better.


Vijay Krishna said...

Kini saab, we humans are too immoral to refer to morality.

However... though the 'defence' is almost impeccable, it doesn't absolve her/them of anything.

(Thanks for blogrolling me.)

Vijay Krishna said...

Oh, and by the way, I must appreciate them for 'exposing' the double standards practised by Indian men... just that they (Garima & co.) have tried too hard to establish such a simple thing.

Akshay said...

I agree it is double standard only by indian men coz we expect our partners to be real clean some sati savitri types but then we can do the slutty jobs without a care in this world. Actually awesome reply !!! I dont see desi men growing up in the near future.