Thursday, October 20, 2005

Politicising the Last Refuge

The recent developments in Bangalore with regard to the Infrastructure maintainance has taken an ugly turn with Deve Gowda asking for an enquiry into the land acquisition done by Infosys in Bangalore. With this, he has proved that the last refuge for scoundrels ie Politics will not let the rest of the society prosper. Lets trace out the course of events that occured:

Event 1: BFIT, an unofficial forum of Bangaore's top IT Firms announce that they will boycott Bangalore as a form of protest against Bangalore's crumbling infrastructure.

Event 2: Nasscomm joins in, making the boycott near total. Bangalore poised to be a major embarassment to the state govenment.

Event 3: CM Dharam Singh covenes a meeting with IT honchos to persuade them not to bocott the event. Says nine flyover projects sanctioned during his reign and that construction of one flyover was finished within 45 days of his coming to power. Newspapers remind him that 9 flyovers are yet to take off, and the other flyover was under construction for 3 years prior to his coming to power. People snigger.

Event 4: A part of the government coalition goes on the offensive, choosing to bring ireelevant issues like job reservation in private sector into the limelight. Software companies flatly refuse to do so, say merit the only criterion for a job.

Event 5 : A meeting between govenment officials and IT honchos seals the deal. Firms to log in to and Government to prepare comprehensive action plan to tacke Infrastructure issues. Announce formation of a committee for this purpose. People's sides ache with laughter.

Event 6 : A group of vagrants calling themselves a state interest protection committee try and storm an Infosys office in Electronic City, demanding resrvation in jobs for locals. Their threat is foiled by a bunch of security gaurds aka Goorkhas from Nepal.

Event 7 : Deve Gowda chooses to lambast the Maharashtra Governor SM Krishna (known to some as Somanahalii Mallaiah Krishna, and to others as Simply Marvellous Krishna), for alleged corruption during his regime in Karnataka.

Event 8 : Marvellous Man hits back, says let enquiry begin from PWD department, which was headed by current CM. Battlelines are distinctly drawn, with SM raring to get back to real politics.

Event 9 : Devil Gowda, Doldrum Singh and NRN have a closed door conference, where they discuss the concept of Urban Governance, on the lines of Rajasthan's popular Rural Governance scheme, strongly advocated by Ramesh "Janaagraha" Ramanathan. NRN kicked about concept, showcases a united face together with Satans children.

Event 10 : Deve Gowda back to form after temporary aberration, berates NRN and Ramanathan for their "Wishful Thinking", says government not to serve people like they think. Demands enquiry into land allotted to Infy and total jobs given out by Infy to locals in return. Thinks the corporate world runs on the principle of Horse Trading.

Event 11 : Doldrum bends over, in the process rips his khadi cotton pajamas, and orders enquiry into land allotment for Infosys. NRN nowhere to be seen.

Event 12 : Bangaloreans continue to spend absurd amounts of time on road en route to work.


Vijay Krishna said...

I was taken aback by Deve Gowda's hitting out at NRN. He said something like "What does NRN know about life in the villages?"

Guess who's laughing all the way to the bank because of this? Work at Mahindra City is picking up pace. Infy is expected to fill it with 25000 employees by 2009.

Vinayak said...

It's really sad to see a former prime minister progressing from slightly mad to fully senile, drowning in his own sea that is his ego