Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mangalore...Here I come

This is the best part of the year for me...when i have to work only for two days in a week. Work all done, i shall pack up and leave for Mangalore, my hometown. I am really looking forward to a refreshing break from the mundane routine that is my life. I have grand plans as to what i should do on the trip. One option is to laze around in the house in the day or visit one of the innumerable mini-theaters, and then in the evening, hit the beaches. Also on the cards is a trip to Goa with other friends. Also beautiful Kodachadri beckons, so does Kudremukh National Park, where i so desparately wanna camp. Alas, once the 5 days of holidays are done, i have to come back and give training to people who except so much from learned teachers. Well, aren't they in for a massive let down! Watch this space to get updates on my trip. Mangalore Ho!

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